Saturday Radio Net

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Ted Lee’s Net Week Table – VE7LEE    All times in Pacific Time Zone, which changes
For FM, DMR, DSTAR and C4FM modes    between Standard and Daylight Savings time
Dates Across Saturday
Time Start C4FM DMR D-STAR FM Echolink
5:00:00 REF 006A DSTAR net or 1300 GMT, hosted by KOS MM6BFH – Barry
9:00:00 World Wide Net, on World Wide TG 1 Rainbow Country Net, 146.94-
9:00:00 Point Grey Radio Club, 147.32 MHz
16:30:00 Coastal Carolina D-Star Net, REF061B
18:00:00 WiresX Rag Chew Net, in Room 21080, America Links, many English nodes connected Arizona D-STAR Net, REF009C, The net is 6 PM PST, then changes 7 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time Every Saturday night at 9 pm eastern time the repeater is linked to the *DODROPIN* Net. (Echolink Node 355800 *DODROPIN*) Please feel free to drop by and check in with them. We also have our own weekly net on the 2 meter repeater every Sunday at 8:00 pm eastern time. We welcome check-ins from local, eQSO and EchoLink users. Our EchoLink node is KB9OHY-R number 16002 and the RF Hill eQSO gateway is also linked in during the net. Having the O.C.A.R.C. 2 meter repeater in the EchoLink internet system also allows local users to access other repeaters and links anywhere in the world. And of course you the internet user to be able to reach us here in Orange County. Please feel free to drop by anytime..
18:30:00 Iowa D-Star Net, REF053A
19:00:00 Washington State Saturday Night DSTAR Net on REF029A and DRATS