Welcome to the East Richmond Digital Group VA7REF

  Welcome to VA7REF’s page. 

We have switched to a content management system so that you may add a post, pictures of your station and useful posting suitable for amateur radio.

Please apply for your free account to the left under the word “META”.

For a quicker approval, we suggest that you use your callsign as your username.

We support the following modes of amateur radio:

  • DSTAR with va7ref-c on 144.93 MHz with a 0.00 offset. A gateway that is compatible with REF, XREF and DCS reflectors. Using the FreeStar software.
  • System Fusion Repeater with Wires X, on 442.500+ MHz with a 100 hz tone for FM, network with Wires X on Digital Normal.
  • APRS igate and digipeater on 144.39 MHz
  • CQ-Vancouver Wires X room number 21380 on the Yaesu System Fusion network.

We are the founders of the Raspberry Pi DSTAR Net since 2013 now on REF038C.

One of the three founders for the Canadian Weekly C4FM net, held Wednesday nights at 6 PM Pacific. Since January 2017.

And one of the net controllers for the DMR World Wide Net, held on Saturday mornings at 9 AM Pacific.

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